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Iím Sorry I Havenít a Clue

Comes to Cardiff

21st December 1998


An event supported by leading

Theosophists in the area


Iím Sorry IHavenít a Clue

The Antidote to Panel Games


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This is a very popular programme with Theosophists. The show is introduced as "The Antidote to Panel Games" and consists of a panel of four comedians, split into two teams and "given silly things to do" by a chairman. The programme was first aired on April 11th 1972 and the signature tune is a cabaret version of Deutschland Uber Alles called "The Schickel Shamble" written by Ron Goodwin.


You can catch this show and Mrs Trellis of North Wales regularly on BBC Radio 4 and the World Service. Some old episodes are run on BBC 7 (Digital Radio). The show tours the country and you may be able to get in as part of the studio audience.


Iím Sorry I havenít a Clue was held in Cardiff on December 21st 1998 opening with the customary letter from Mrs Trellis of North Wales


Mrs Trellisís letter was introduced by Humphrey Lyttelton


...but first I notice from the bulge in our postbag this week, that

another card has flooded in from a Mrs Trellis of North Wales, with comments on her favourite show. She writes:


Dear Mr. Duggleby,


Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great.

Yes, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great.

Does that Delia Smith do nothing else all day?


Yours sincerely,


Mrs. Trellis




There was also a Samantha Pick up Line


To ensure that each panellist is allocated a suitable record, Samantha has spent a rewarding evening amongst the shelves down in the gramophone archive. As ever, her keen eye spotted a firm favourite or two, and she couldn't resist getting them down. She's ready and waiting at the turntable with her neatly arranged set of forty-fives on display and ready to spin for your delight.


Colin Sell was introduced at the start of the Censored Song Round;†††††††††††


Musical accompaniment will be provided by Colin Sell, who many listeners may remember from the 1970's, when he played the mouth organ in Black Lace. It's still known as one of the worst novelty drag acts ever to appear on Opportunity Knocks.


The show concluded with the Late Arrivals at the Driving Instructorsí Ball. The subject of the ball is announced near the start of the show and the participants work on their gags and present the Late Arrivals as a Grande Finale. The game has been played at Cardiff Theosophical Society Christmas parties except that participants (anyone who comes) are given about six weeks notice of the subject of the ball.


The Late Arrivals at the Driving Instructors' Ball


Mr & Mrs Gencystop, & their daughter, Emma


Mr & Mrs Ellayswansea, & their son, Davy


From Bombay, the Beforepullingout family, & their daughter, India Kate


Mr & Mrs Feelingyouneedmorelessons, & their son, Ivor


From Spain, Mr & Mrs Gears, & their son, Manuel


Mr & Mrs Bennettmaureenyourgonnahithim-No-No, & their son, Gordon


Mr & Mrs Plates, & their young daughter, Noelle


Mr & Mrs Signalmanúuvre, & their daughter, Moira


Mr & Mrs Willyouslowdown, & their only son, Jesus


It's cabaret time, with Toyota Willcox & Tina Three-Point-Turner, singing Reverse Deep, Mountain High


Mr & Mrs Positionat-thelights, & their daughter, Jocelyn


Mr & Mrs Doutinfrontofmewithoutsignalling, & their illegitimate son, the bastard Paul


Mr & Mrs Viewmirror, & their daughter, the Rhea



Mrs Trellis of North Wales


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Encyclopaedia Morningtonia

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North Wales Chapter of the

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The population of Wales as at the

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Finding Stuff in Wales

North Wales is easier to find than Mrs Trellis


If you are thinking of participating in one of the many expeditions to look for

Mrs Trellis of North Wales, you may find these Wales links very useful.

You should be aware however, that despite many expeditions to North Wales

by experienced members of the Theosophy Movement and a satellite launched

from the Llanfairfechan Space Centre in 1983, Mrs Trellis has never been found


Please note also that Mrs Trellis of North Wales may no longer live in North Wales

but still keep the title. Members of the House of Lords do this all the time.



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